Baked Salmon

The Benefits of Baking

There are various cooking techniques from frying and poaching, to baking and grilling. Each technique comes with its own ups and downs., but do yo know that baking food is one of the healthier ways to cook? How you cook your food will affect the nutrition content because when cooked in a wrong way event the most nutritious food can lose its nutrition. During the baking process, heat transfer occurs slowly from the outside to the inside. Thus keeping the nutrition intact.

baking cake

Fry or Bake?

Frying food will add around 50 – 100 calories because the food absorbs the frying oil. Meanwhile, when you bake the food, the oil and fat will fall off the food, and not be absorbed.

Another benefit of baking food is that it can maintain the enzymes within the food, at least up to 50 percent. On the other hand, frying will diminish all enzymes.

baked chicken

However, we need to make sure not to let the charcoal stick to our food during the baking process. It is highly recommended to use tray or baking dish. The food that is exposed to charcoal can be carbonized or burnt, making it hard to digest. Carbon can also activate free radicals in the body, and this has the potential to trigger cancer cells.

You are what you eat, so be wise in cooking your healthy food.