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A Back to School List to Prepare

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Holiday is over, it’s time to go back to school. A pleasant long vacation can actually make you miss your routine. One of the joys of the morning is to prepare our kids to go to school. In addition to nutritious packed meals to do well in school, your child also needs to be mentally prepared to easily adapt to the school environment and ready to learn. Preparing children for school has become a daily routine, from packing their snacks to collecting school supplies. Let’s get to work!

The Shoes
Choose shoes with soles that are quite thick and jagged. Such footwear prevents the risk of slipping. Here’s one of the best tips to buy shoes for kid: it’s better to buy in the afternoon or evening, because after a whole day of walking around, your feet will expand slightly. Shoes that are bought when the feet are at the biggest size, will be the most comfortable to wear all day.

Tips for Buying School Shoes

The Lunch Box
A home-cooked lunch for your child will guarantee a sufficient nutritional intake while safeguarding your child’s eating habits. Make sure the lunch box is Bisphenol A (BPA) free. BPA is an industrial chemical commonly used to make plastic. Several studies have shown that BPA exposure to food has an effect on the brain and prostate gland, so it should be avoided.

The Backpack
Backpack is safer as it hangs on both shoulders. However, it’s important to pay attention to the weight of the bag. Here’s some short tips of how to choose the right backpack for your children. To maintain the healthy bone structure of your child’s back and shoulders, the weight of a backpack should not be more than 20 percent of his or her total body weight. If your child has many school supplies or feels the need to carry a wide range of items, consider using a wheeled bag instead. Don’t forget to teach children to maintain the cleanliness of their school bags. Make it a habit to sort out whatever is inside the bag once a week and immediately dispose of unused items, so they won’t add to the load.

Tips fo Choosing Children Backpack

Extra Clothes
If your child is active and has a lot of activities to do at school, don’t forget to have him or her bring a set of extra clothes. Wearing clothes that are wet from perspiration can lead to fungi and other skin diseases.

The Watch
Start teaching the concept of time to your children in elementary school. Children need to learn discipline, and one way is to teach them to be aware of the time. This way, they have self-discipline to know when to arrive to school on time and when to go home.