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Educational City Tour Yogyakarta – A Pleasant Experience You Will Never Forget

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Yogyakarta is known as a city of culture and students. As a tourism city, Yogyakarta offers a variety of educational and cultural tours. In addition to the iconic Taman Pintar, there are a few more places that carry education as the main vision and/or theme. Let’s find more about educational city tour in Yogyakarta.

Watu Lumbung Education Village
Located in the southern city of Yogyakarta, on a hillside near the beach of Parangtritis, this tourist attraction was established in 2014 by M. Boy Rifai. There are five attraction sites. One site is a home stay, the other four are conservation areas. The buildings are made of wood. For accommodation, there are tents as well. This is the right place to introduce children to traditions, simplicity and ways to love the nature.
According to Rifai, people respect the environment if they understand it. For this reason, this destination has made it one of its missions to teach visitors about the environment and invite them to get involved. For example, visitors who participate in farming and cooking activities with locals can learn in detail how to farm properly and the benefits of plants grown for humans and for the environment. According to Rifai, visitors learn to appreciate each meal on their plate and finished anything they took. Another activity is releasing animals in to the wild. Almost all activities involve locals. They share knowledge very generously with guests.
For those who are interested, there are classes available on eco printing, which is a technique used in making motifs on fabric using a variety of leaves. Each guest who participates in the class can take home their work or get it sewn onto their clothes.

Watu Lumbung Village
Watu Lumbung Village

The Legendary Figure of the Painter
Memories of learning how to draw various objects can be relived by visiting Tino Sidin Park in Yogyakarta. Tino Sidin was an artist and a popular TV host in the 1970s and early 1990s. He was given a nickname of “Father of Million Students”. With his friendly personality, he often appeared on screen through a drawing program aired by national TV station TVRI.
The mini museum, which was founded and managed by Tino Sidin’s children, contains paintings and sketches by Tino. Most of the works are well-maintained, because Tino has painstakingly archived his works. The museum is also equipped with a mini library, which also displays archives of drawing lessons from TVRI, just like old times.

Tino Sidin Park
Tino Sidin Park

Grhatama Library
An alternative entertainment option that is also educational is a visit to Grhatama Library in Janti. The large library has a fairly complete collection of children’s literature. The place is spacious and calm. Children are spoiled with one floor specifically for learning and playing.
The playroom is equipped with a variety of traditional and modern toys that support motoric development in children. The children’s library is also supported by a 6D cinema, music room, and storytelling room.
You can use one opportunity to introduce a variety of learning and fun experiences in one place. Interestingly, there are no fees to enjoy all the facilities in the children’s library.

Ghratama Library
Ghratama Library

A vacation may not only give you beautiful things to see, but may also provide a great educational experience.